The Architectural Association in collaboration with 'CASA FONDAZIONE MORRA' and 'OFFICINA KELLER' centre for contemporary art offers a 10 day workshop this September.

'MOULDING MATTERS' will be focusing on local mouldings expertise and reinterpret this rich stucco art. From the theory of mouldings, its grammatical readings, 500 timeless moulds and unique artefacts studied in the city, we will question ornamentation and generate our own formal grammar through moulding in plaster.

The material language will be explored at the intersection of restoration, sculpture, archaeology, art history and other disciplines.


  • 29.03 Day 01—Introduction

  • 30.03 Day 2—Craft

  • 31.03 Day 3—City I

  • 01.04 Day 4—Explore

  • 02.04 Day 5—Make & Design

  • 03.04 Day 6—Refine

  • 04.04 Day 7—City II

  • 05.04 Day 8—Make & Design

  • 06.04 Day 9—Install

  • 07.04 Day 10—Conclusion


The workshop will explore plaster ornamentation in its instances and ideas from early Roman, Renaissance to contemporary architecture, with a focus on sites within the Gulf of Naples.

Tutors & Visitors

Jessica Pappalardo

Lingxiu Chong

Jonathan Foote

Jenia Andersson

Federico Letizia

Fratelli Donofrio

Harjit Sembi